MovieMaze™ “The Plumber” Coming Soon!

The long-awaited, much-anticipated sophomore MovieMaze™ movie “The Plumber” is scheduled to release in February 2015. Stay tuned!

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The Mechanic

We follow Mr. Indeep Sheet who has just arrived in the US from the Mumbai Car Academy. Can you help him avoid getting smashed, blown up or eaten? And perhaps help him in his...

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AWESOME APP!!!! I love it!

AWESOME APP!!!! ★★★★★

AWESOME APP!!!! I love it! So funny and hilarious I love this app and so did my friends!

by Dee Dee – Oct 13, 2013

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Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! ★★★★★

Love The Mechanic’s scream every time he makes a wrong choice. Priceless!

by Iuseitalot2013 – Oct 21, 2013

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AWESOME!!!! ★★★★★

What an awesome concept! Interactive cinema! I had so much fun choosing the fate of the lead character and taking the story wherever I wanted it to go. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE!!!! I’m telling all my friends.

by OmNom143 – Oct 26, 2013

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